You’ve decided to publish a book. Now what?

First off, congratulations! You’re joining an elite group and starting on an exciting and rewarding journey. But, as with all storied travels, the route can be fraught with peril.We provide regularly updated to-do lists so you know what you should be working on now and what comes next. What could be easier? There’s a plethora of information out there, much of it conflicting and confusing, and missing a step can cost you time, effort, money, and professional recognition. But not to worry.
Our forte is project management for the self-publisher. Our top-notch team will guide you every step of the way with our signature expert advice on everything from outline development to pre- and post-launch marketing, editing, book design, printing and e-book conversion, to listing your final product on Amazon, and more.

4 More Reasons to Work with Us

  1. Save Your Sanity. We handle all the nuts and bolts, so you have more time to do what you do best: run your business, shine at work, be a parent, write your next best-seller!
  2.  Save Time. Sure, you could tackle it all yourself, but it would take you much longer to navigate your way around the potential hurdles than if you had access to our expert knowledge and guidance.We can tailor our fees to your budget.
    We want you to succeed!
  3. Achieve a Professional Product. We hone your book to perfection so it looks and reads like one developed by a major publisher. This way, you avoid amateur mistakes in design and other areas that are red flags to professional book reviewers and buyers.
  4. Save Money. Yes, time is money (see No. 2 above), but we can also help you keep more money in your bank account. Take advantage of special rates and deals through us that you could not get on your own.

What’s Included

We guide you through every aspect of your project, including:Our renowned editing services can be packaged with Project Management for the Self-Publisher or purchased a la carte.

  • Design cover and interior
  • Craft and edit back cover copy and your bio
  • Assist with writing book title and selecting retail price
  • Design author website and craft website content
  • Edit and proofread entire manuscript including back cover copy and index
  • Review book page proofs and covers (front and back) at every stage through print
  • Manage production process, including creating production schedule
  • Obtain ISBN and bar codes
  • Find, retain, and manage e-book conversion and audiobook production services
  • Consult on e-book and audiobook distribution, and print on demand (POD) services
  • Upload book files to e-book, audiobook, and POD distributors
  • Refer you to marketing and PR specialists
  • Remain available to you through the entire process with free consultation phone calls and emails
  • Set up Amazon description and Author Central pages