Editing and proofreading are of paramount importance in the publishing world. No matter how riveting or relevant your story or how brilliantly you tell it, poor editing and proofreading can change your diamond to coal dust, turning away book reviewers, wholesale buyers and readers, and damaging your credibility. But not to fear. You’ve come to right place! Editing is our passion. We excel at all the large and small details that go into making your book a polished, professional gem that reads like a best-seller.

Our Editing Packages

We offer three levels of editing: developmental, copy, and proofreading. Take a test drive! Ask for our free 5-page sample edit of your manuscript. All equally important, they can be purchased together with one of our Project Management packages, or a la carte. No matter what you choose, we will first perform a free sample edit of five pages of your manuscript. This accomplishes two important goals: 1) We can determine the level of editing that is best for you, and 2) you get a sneak peek at our editor’s style and how we work. No guessing games here!

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing can involve a lot of discussion and rewriting, either by you or us. But rest assured, we will never change your voice or style.This is the Big Picture edit and addresses all these questions, plus many more: Is the manuscript coherent? Does it flow seamlessly, or do chapters or sections need to be reorganized? Does the material in later chapters tie in with earlier ones? Does the manuscript hit the target audience in terms of tone, writing, style, and language? Are your ideas presented clearly and concisely? Are there factual errors that need to clarified or verified? Do chapter titles and subheads need to be rewritten or added, and are they consistent in tone and style? Are there elements than can be added to increase marketability or value, like worksheets, tip boxes, checklists, and sidebars?

Copy Editing

We’ve got your back here too. When developmental editing is complete, our copy editor takes the reins for what is generally the final stage before your manuscript or project (website, marketing collateral, or other publication) goes to the designer. Here’s the ground we cover:

  • Review each sentence carefully, correcting all errors in spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and word usage, while preserving your meaning and voice.
  • Rewrite awkward sentences, suggest alternate words, and correct consistency problems.
  • Ensure that your text conforms to industry style, whether that’s Chicago (for book publishing) or Associated Press (for everything else).
  • Verify that any tables, figures or endnotes are in the correct order and consistent in format.
  • Flag factual errors.
  • Provide—as with all our packages—our signature free consultation and guidance.


The final stage of the editing process, proofreading is generally done after your design is complete and photos or other visual elements have been added. Our proofreaders correct errors that may have been introduced during the design process—such as extra spaces, squished text, cut-off sentences, or dropped pages—and cast their eagle eyes over everything, giving a final check to grammar, punctuation, and spelling. They check design elements to ensure formatting consistency like heading and typeface styles, page numbers, spacing, and margins. They also cross-check your table of contents and any cross-references. They are persnickety personified!