Exceeded Every Expectation

“As a first time author, I had no idea what to expect. But Marla came MORE than highly recommended, and she exceeded every expectation I had, and stepped up to every task you could throw at her. There is nobody else I would recommend for ANY of your developmental book needs from start to finish.”

Adley Stump
Country music star, founder and author of How They Sell Music

Does Not Miss Even the Smallest Detail

“Marla is one of those rare professionals in which ALL details are handled, always. You can provide her with direction, and she does NOT miss even the smallest detail. If you ask her to do it, it WILL be done—and very likely it will exceed your highest expectations. This is never an insignificant skill, but when you’re calling on an editor or project manager for your written project, it’s imperative that you find someone with THIS elevated standard in exhaustive, consistent quality and care.”

Jennifer Tyson
Owner of design firm Left-Right Collaborative

Amazing Results

“I hired Marla to edit my fifth book. The results were amazing! The best part about Marla is that she is an editor who can not only correct the words on the page but understands how it all fits into the chapter and the book. Her ideas were fantastic. I will hire Marla every chance I get.”


Barry Moltz
International keynote speaker and author of How to Get Unstuck: 25 Ways to Get Your Business Growing Again

Highly Recommend

I have worked with Marla in four capacities. First, as editor of my book: She transformed my manuscript into an informative, easy-to-read, high-quality book, studying the market and knowing when to suggest rewrites. Second, as project manager, Marla assembled a quality design and editorial team. Post publication, Marla has edited blogs, website content, and other marketing collateral. There is an important fourth role—mentor. This is my first book, and through her vast experience and industry contacts, Marla provided knowledge, support, and guidance. Throughout she set high standards, adhered to all commitments and budgets, and kept me informed. I highly recommend Marla.

Hal Shelton
Author of The Secrets to Writing a Successful Business Plan

Provided Advice Beyond Editing

“I had the pleasure of working with Marla on my book The Joy of Financial Security. I had worked with another editor who wanted to change my ‘voice,’ and I learned that selecting the right editor is essential for creating the best book possible. Marla and I worked together as a team. She shaped and sculpted the book as though it was her own, always asking me for approval along the way. She bounced ideas off me, allowing me to ponder them before responding. She gave me advice that extended beyond editing, such as how to set up the distribution channels for the book and how to select a publicist. She is extremely talented as an editor, and her advice on many other topics was an added bonus.”


Donna Skeels Cygan
Author of The Joy of Financial Security: The Art and Science of Becoming Happier, Managing Your Money Wisely, and Creating a Secure Financial Future

Protects the Author’s Voice

“Marla Markman’s expertise, professionalism, patience, and editing style took my book to the next level. She combines an eye for detail with the ability to evaluate the overall story. She has the unique ability to edit content yet protect the voice of the author. Marla is an extraordinary editor.”


Todd Arnold
Author of Rethinking Utility Customer Care and former SVP of Duke Energy

Believes in Her Authors 100%

“Marla is a fine editor and a rock-solid support for anyone wanting to write and publish a book, especially a first book. Without her, I’m not sure my book Staying Power would exist. Marla saw the potential of this concept and offered constructive feedback on organization, content, and style. She followed me through the editorial process from manuscript review to design and production, also serving as project manager for cover design. At each step, she exhibited editorial skill and good judgment, all the while sending a steady stream of useful resources from inside the industry. She’s candid, perceptive, understands how books sell, and believes in her client authors 100 percent.”


Rachel Adelson
Author of Staying Power: Age-Proof Your Home for Comfort, Safety and Style

Recommend Her to Any Client

“After laboring over a manuscript, it was so nice to turn it over to Marla for polishing. She provided insight, smart comments, thorough fact-checking, and a pleasant demeanor. Plus she was on time. I will definitely use Marla in the future and recommend her to any client in need of an editor.”


Heidi Tyline King
Co-author with former Florida Gov. Rick Scott of Chasing Sunshine: Remarkable People Who Found the American Dream in Florida

Keeps Everyone on Task and on Budget

“Marla is an outstanding editor/project manager. I could not have launched my book, Rivelations for Business Professionals, without her assistance. Marla is extremely detail-oriented, organized, and keeps everyone on task and on budget. I plan to use her again for my next book and would recommend her work to everyone—she is the ultimate professional.”

Jim Riviello
Author of Rivelations for Business Professionals: Simple Changes You Can Make Now to Achieve the Extraordinary Life and Business You Desire

A True Business Partner

Marla has been working with me for three years. She was referred to me by Joel Friedlander, author of the blog The Book Designer. Marla first helped me edit and project manage the book I self-published, The Business Apostolate. Since English is not my native language, I have relied heavily on Marla’s editing suggestions not only for my book (which has only received 5-star ratings on Amazon.com), but for the subsequent website content, newsletters, blogs, and video scripts. Marla has become a true business partner. She is a top-notch professional and is easy to work with. I look forward to a long business partnership with Marla.

Percy Cannon
Author of The Business Apostolate: Insights to Define and Achieve Your Mission in Life

One of the Best Investments I Made

“Marla just completed editing my manuscript, and I couldn’t be happier. The suggestions she made to the structure and flow of the book were invaluable. She was correct in her suggestions the times she recommended I delete text. She prodded and pushed me to redo parts that were much better once finished. It’s every author’s desire to have the best product possible, and now I know I do. She was one of the best investments I made concerning the publishing of my book.”

Mitchell Aguirre
Author of Deserving Victory: Discover the Missing Link to Achieving Your Ultimate Success

Best Author Project Manager Ever

Meet Marla, the best author project manager ever. She handles your project with professionalism, follows it through the entire journey, and keeps you informed the whole way. Marla makes your vision into a reality and thinks outside the box to create options for you and your book. If your business style is hands-on or you like to hand off your project completely, Marla adapts early to your needs. Ask her any question, and she will find not only the correct answer, but provide many ways to move your project forward. Hire someone you trust: I recommend Marla Markman.

Jodi Okun
author of Secrets of a Financial Aid Pro: Master the College Funding Process and Give Your Child Lifelong Financial Skills Without Losing Your Cool

Extensive Knowledge

“I completed my first book with Marla and look forward to working with her on future projects. From beginning to end, Marla was very personable and easy to work with. Marla is such a gem because she brings a wide range of experiences to the table including extensive and accurate knowledge of editing, publishing and project management. In addition, she demonstrates keen attention to detail, commitment to excellence and overall strong work ethics. If you want to create a top-notch book, then Marla is the only editor/project manager you want to trust with your manuscript.”

Tonya Peele
Author of Quick Wins for Healthy Eating: Easy Changes You and Your Family Can Make Now

The Quintessential Wordsmith

“As a first-time author, my editing experience with Marla has set the standard of expectation for future book projects. Her genuine caring of my project and thoughtful suggestions made the project feel effortless. Marla can count on me coming back to her for my second book project without hesitation. Marla is the quintessential wordsmith.”

Olalah Njenga
Author of 37 What Were They Thinking Moments in Marketing

Quickly Learned a New Industry and Subject

“Marla was easy to work with and quickly learned a new industry and subject. Her deliverables were of high quality the first time and were always on time, even with new demands thrown at her late in the process. I highly recommend her.

Dwight French
CEO at Health Access

Crackerjack Editor

“A crackerjack editor and book-put-togethering person if ever there was one.”

Micah Solomon
author of High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service

Reliable and Supportive

“Marla Markman is a wonderful editor. She is helping me get a book to the finish line right now. She has improved the book’s organization, clarity, and readability. Since she started working on my book I’ve felt confident to start sending it out to reviewers, and the response has been positive and enthusiastic. Marla has also edited several articles I’ve published. She is reliable and supportive, two qualities that any writer will appreciate. One more that means a lot to me: She is a delightful person.”

Paul Freiberger
President of Shimmering Resumes and author of the book series When Can You Start?

Incredibly Impressed

“I am incredibly impressed with Marla’s editorial skills. She does not miss anything. Further, we had multiple documents being edited at once and she’s been very flexible throughout all our craziness. We continue to use her and hope to provide her with more business.”


Monique Elwell
COO at Storyvine

Creative Ideas

“Marla’s attention to detail is superb. After I had reviewed and edited my own chapters too many times to see errors, Marla identified a number of mistakes I had missed. She also offered some creative ideas on how to deal with a number of organization ideas I was struggling with. I highly recommend Marla.”

Doris Gallan
Author of The Boomers Guide to Going Abroad

Thorough Job

“Thank you for the thorough job you’ve done as editor on Health Care Navigation 101. I certainly have my work cut out for me before this baby is ready for the next step in self-publication, but I can visualize the book being done and in my hands—a vision that I did not have before sending the manuscript to you.”

Jane Neff Rollins
MSPH, Arnell Communications, and author of the forthcoming book Health Care Navigation 101